Suzette is a miracle worker. She can take any space, any size and make it attractive, livable, and enjoyable.  Suzette redesigned three of our tiny closets (fit to burst with games and toys and coats and clothes) and created a space where we can actually see and access our things. It is so neat and organized, even our children can easily hang up their coats and reach games and puzzles. Suzette also has an incredible eye for color and textures that will make a room ‘come together.’  She transformed our dated front/guest bathroom into a contemporary space with fun textured tiles. Her recommendations for neutral colors, tile size, and design were right on the money—making the bathroom not only functional, but beautiful as well.  I cannot wait to work on another project with Suzette…soon

Andie Turner

White Rock

I. Love. Suzette.
She is keenly aware of EVERY detail and every dimension needed to make a kitchen work hard, not just look good. I showed her the “free” plans that a home improvement store provided, and in just a few minutes, she was able to correct details they’d neglected. Like the corner cabinet/lazy suzan. They made it 8?x8? and she was able to help me understand that it needed to be 12?x12? just so I could get my stuff out of that awesome space. Or the big drawers for my pots and pans–same story–just modifying the dimensions so the drawers could do their job properly. She talked me through cabinet doors: which way do I want them to open and why. She suggested installing frameless (?) cabinets so little vertical pieces of wood wouldn’t interfere with getting things in and out. Suzette made sure that we had every detail hammered out to make the most amazing kitchen space in my small space.
P.S. I can’t WAIT to save up to do the kitchen in our new house!

Amber Rushton

Suzette assisted me in picking out artwork, office accessories and furniture for a new 3,000 sf office building at Rancho Viejo. She had to coordinate with pre-specified colors and finishes. The items she found coordinated well and added style to our new office. Everything came in on time, within budget and she was friendly and helpful through the whole process.

Dee Bangart

Suzette kept us from making costly mistakes. She kept us focused on our goals and is so pleasant to be with. She listened to what we liked and went shopping with us. We’ve been pleased to have her around and call her whenever we have any design projects.

Elain Carson

Suzette Fox

I am an Eco-Designer. Ecodesign is an approach to design with special consideration for environmental impacts. My design philosophy balances sustainability while creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing and stands the test of time.